Where crochet meets fashion

Crochet it’s magic. You get a ball of yarn and you make with it anything you want. Just use your imaginaton.

This is one of the most beautiful yarns that I worked with. Its cotton/acrylic blend and has the best properties of both of this fibres. It’s not cheap but when it comes to quality of your work you’d definitely invest a bit to make it be quality. Love the yarn and what you can do with it.

This dress it’s just one of the things you could create with that yarn. Soft and beautiful colors in just one ball. I used 2 balls of yarn, they are quite big balls and lots of yarn in it.

The dress it’s my own pattern. Had the idea then I made it as I imagined it to be. I love designing dresses and just had to start crocheting them. There is nothing that makes me feel accomplished than making dresses and crochet some intricated pattern.

This is only one of the dresses that I crocheted recently, more to be posted.

Have a great day everyone. :*

Cute things for the little ones

Something I did recently, no pattern. Starts with double crochet(trebles), then changes to shell stitch once getting to the rows that don’t have to add anymore stitches.

I normally don’t do beanies as I don’t wear them. However, I did these ones because I did one for my niece and then I had some yarn to do the other three. Can’t say I didn’t enjoy making them. It’s amazing to see how even if it’s the same stitch in all of them the color and the extra details makes them look different.

Have a great day everyone πŸ™‚ , :*

Teaching to crochet, learning to crochet

In the past few weeks I had the experience of teaching a few people to crochet. As someone who learnt to crochet since was a little girl it was an eye opening. I realized why when my mum was teaching me to crochet I didn’t like it. It’s unnatural for the hands, and also needs to have some patience and actually to want to do it. I’m pretty sure at that age, 8-9, I wasn’t even thinking to crochet. But I got to learn to do it and I got to love it more than anything in this world.

Crocheting is not that easy but is not that complicated either. With some drive to want to learn and some patience you can get there. I have seen that most people who are just starting they want already to get to do big projects and so on, when everyone and everything starts from basic. You have to practice to hold the yarn the way that will be good for you for the entire time you’ll be crocheting, not just for the first chain stitches. I know that at the end everyone hold the hook and the yarn the way its comfortable for them, but you have to start with something. Only with experience you’ll find your own crochet personality.

Some tips for those who want to learn or just started to learn to crochet:

Choose the right yarn and the right hook. Get a thicker yarn, not too bright and not too dark color, so you can see your stitches. Preferable acrylic yarn, 8 or 10 ply and an aluminium crochet hook number 4.5-5.5.

Do as many chain stitches or first few basic crochet stitches you can before getting into more complicated things. Take your time and don’t rush it. Make small scarves or coasters and other little pieces like this to get used to crocheting, holding the hook and the yarn.

Don’t forget the slip knot at the beginning of every crochet project, there are a lot of ways to do it.

If you learn from you tube videos don’t get frustrated that you don’t do as quick as they show in the videos. You can always pose the video and get to do the first chain stitch or the single crochet stitch until you get it.

After you learnt the crochet basics everything else after that is just practice and if you want to do it or not. There is so much more to learn than the basics, even with my experience I still learn things as I’m a hundred percent sure I don’t know everything about crocheting.

Have fun learning to crochet and hope you get to do great crochet projects. Welcome to the magic world of crocheting.

Have a great day, :*.



Two loves

I love my family and crochet the most. And I’m happy that my family likes what I crochet.

It took a while to see my mum wearing the cardigan I made for her but it was worth waiting. No pattern for it as it was made just from my mum’s measurements. It did take some time to makeit as I had to figure out how to increase at the sleeves but I manage to make it.

And I love my niece. She s already melting my heart just watching the videos with her and seeing her pictures. I was very happy and accomplished when I saw her wearing the coat I made for her. Hope one day I’ll get to meet her in real.

Have a great weekend everyone, :*

New doll dress, my design

My latest project, barbie doll dress in pink with white flowers. I know it’s a little dress but it’s a lot of work involved in it. Had crocheted it a few good months back, almost half a year ago, which doesn’t seem to be a long time when your life goes through a lot of changes. However, I didn’t had an idea on how to finish it so I was kipping it in a box until 2 days ago when I looked through my crochet stuff and saw it and got inspired and motivated straight away to do it till the end.

It’s my own design and I am proud of being able to do things like this, one of a kind.

Happy Easter everyone and have a great start of the week. πŸ™‚

Beautiful top and blanket

I did this beautiful top a few months back. It’s my own design. Was exciting to work on it as when you make something your own design you don’t know what exactly you’ll have to do to make it the way you see it in your mind.

Designing something it’s challenging and in the same time interesting, a bit risky as well because you don’t know if it is going to work out or not. But at the end it’s rewarding. I m more proud of myself making the crochet things that i design than following a pattern.

This blanket it’s a shell blanket which starts from the middle. I do like round crochet so it’s similar, the only difference is that it’s square. Round crochet makes the crocheted pieces have a front side and a back side. However, the thing that makes it stand out and look different it’s the yarn and it’s color.

Color choice it’s important when making something crocheted or knitted. Color can make an item looking cheap or expensive, luxurious or casual. In crocheting and knitting color can determine who’s for the crocheted piece, if it’s for an adult or for a baby.

Have a good weekend,:*


Beautiful doily with flowers and butterflies


Who doesn’t like flowers or butterflies. I just love them and how this gorgeous doily turned out. It’s not my pattern but I did chose the colors for it. I m just happy with how it did end up.

While I was crocheting it I didn’t see it the way I do now. Β It took me 10 days to make it with other crochet projects I was making in between.

I love crochet and all the crochet things I m making.

I hope you all have a good start of the week. :*