Beautiful round table cloth

Just 3 weeks ago I started working on this beautiful crochet lace tablecloth. Was a challenge to make it as it had so many pieces and elements that I had to join together, but I did it. And the result is amazing. I can just look at it now all day and think “Wow, I can’t believe I did it”. It was me, and I am proud and happy that I can crochet beautiful things as this one. Is nothing more fulfilling than achieving something that you put your mind into.

Crochet lace had always been the most favorite thing to crochet and looks like I will keep doing it as long as I can do it. If not years and years of practice you do need a lot of practice to achieve this level, when it looks perfect and you actually know what you are doing and understand every bit of it.

I do crochet fast, that’s how I managed to make it in such a short amount of time, with even a few projects in between. I know there are people who say that should crochet slow and enjoy the process. I do enjoy the process even if I crochet fast. But I am just not amazed anymore to admire one stitch for 15-30 seconds. You know how to make all the basic stitches and more so you should be already going at the speed that you normally do, regardless if someone is slower or faster than you.

For those who are new in crocheting, keep practicing, do that chain stitch until you perfect it, make amigurumi’s, toys and all other crochet items that requires for you to do tight stitches, because that’s what will make your stitches even later, when you will start combining different stitches and advance. As I said on my Facebook page to someone, everything is achievable, as long as you really want to do it and you love doing it.

Have a great day everyone ❤

My latest crochet project

My new dress design, still in process but it does look nice already.

Its ripple stitch and shells at the bust area as I like to be a bit dense at the bust. Making it in ripple stitch because of the color, its a ball with different colors in and when you have that with the transition of the yarn from a color to the other there is no point of trying different stitches as will not be visible. Believe me as I tried it and it didnt work.

The yarn color change its designed mostly for shawls or blankets and its a bit hard touse it making a dress. My next dress will be in plain color as I am getting a bit bored with using limited stitches.


Last week I started to feel pain in my right arm from crocheting and like anybody else nowadays I researched online what could be the cause of that. I read a few articles from different blogs and that’s when I got to the conclusion that everyone is a “scientist or a doctor”. I know that everyone shares their knowledge but what if, just what if all that someone wrote doesn’t apply to my arm pain? To find out what was the cause of my arm pain I had to backtrack my actions. And I found out that my arm problem was because of my weak muscles in my arm. I was crocheting with finer yarn before and for the past few months I used mostly thick yarns. That s why was more tiring for my arm. Other than that if that’s not your problem may as well just go have a ckeck up at the doctor.

Have a good day everyone. 😊

Tulips in the sun

My last crocheted projects. I did follow the star though but made a lot of changes to it. Its a beautiful blanket/throw that can add a bit of color to your living room chair and make your home more welcome.

I love to crochet and design. I feel accomplished with anything I make and more so with anything I design.

Hope it makes you feel like the spring is coming. I love tulips.

Have a great day everyone. 😊

Field of pansies

Beautiful tablecloth with pansies. My work, not my design. From a japanese crochet book. I love to crochet tablecloths and lace doilies. I am addicted to them. Since I remember myself crocheting I did lace doilies. It was a challenge to do it because of all the little fiddly flowers, quite a lot for the size of the tablecloth. At the end I just wanted to see it done. Did it once and never again. However I still love it, like any other of my crochet work.

Have a great day everyone 🙂 .

My beautiful niece


I made this cardigan for my niece a while back, but it took a while to get to my country.  She s modeling it very well even though its a bit big on her, will be just perfect for her to wear it when Springs comes.

Not my pattern, a friend from the crochet group gave it to me. I loved making it even if was from so many colors and bits.

Have a great day everyone. 🙂

Crochet blue summer dress

43250091_718357798564665_8828090412599083008_n43271651_718357841897994_8463445567454838784_n (1)

One of my recent crochet dresses ❤

Crochet in my life

I can say more that crochet is my life. I often joke that if I could marry my crochet hook I would. I say that because crocheting is the only stability in my life. Crocheting helped me pass through some bad times.

I remember when I was a kid in school and knew to crochet already my teacher loved my work and had organized a few exhibitions with my crochet work. Also in 9th grade I had been Jury for a craft competition in school, which made me feel appreciated.

I had suffered with depression since I was a kid and I guess my mum thought that if I will be engaged in some activity that I will enjoy it will help me, and it did in some ways. But with all that they say that crochet helps depression I don’t think that has such magical powers. If you are deep in depression nothing can really help you. But never the less is an enjoyable activity. For me its an addiction, that is beneficial for you, same like other crafts – knitting and sewing.

At this point crochet is most of my life and I love it. I love making doilies and other home decors but recently got more involved in crocheting my own dress designs and using more colors and it is much more interesting. Having a fashion design background its always a bonus.

Have a great day everyone. 🙂

PS: I am not good in talking about myself, I prefer to talk through my crochet. I can just say I am a creative introvert that loves to crochet and writing in the blog its out of my comfort zone. But I got nobody else to write about my hobby and my crochet creations so I have to do it.

Crochet summer dress for a Barbie doll

Almost summer in Australia and I finished this dress just to remind me more about that.

Beautiful doll dress, on a big barbie doll 60 cm tall that a dear person from the crochet group meeting that I go to had given to me, and I am grateful for it.

No pattern as I love making my own designs. I did enjoy working on the little bits, the little bag and the summer hat. Didn’t want to make them same color as the dress as wanted to have them as an accent. And the little red rose on the bag its just catching your eyes.

Did take a long time to make the dress as its from thin cotton thread, DMC Petra nr. 5, that I usually use with it a 1.25 crochet hook. I can’t remember how I started it and how I finished it as was so focused on making it so much that I lost trace of time. I like when you get an idea and you start working on it quick and the end result is exactly like you imagined it to be. I couldn’t  wish for more for this dress.

I was always fascinated by the Victorian time dresses and the original Christian Dior. The long dresses with corsets that make a woman looking beautiful, sexy and interesting(sophisticated).

I love working with cotton thread, I love colors and I love to crochet in general. Crochet has been so far the only stable thing in my life. Its the only addiction that would be good for anyone.

Have a great day everyone 🙂