About me and about my blog


Good day,

I am Lidia Trinidad and I live in Australia,WA. I’ve been crocheting since I was a little girl and I love it. I love to crochet fine lace like doilies, tablecloths and other home decor, and I like to create my own crochet designs —dresses , blouses and baby accessories. Thinking now about everything I can crochet and about what I like to crochet I can say I love to crochet anything. I’m an experienced crocheter and I like to crochet most of the time something that is different and hard to crochet, I like a challenge. It makes me happy every time I see a crochet project finished.

I m designing my own crochet clothes and more other things because I studied fashion design, and I am also a creative person. Crocheting for me is expressing myself.

Beside crocheting I love fashion design and dancing, poetry and music, science and psychology. I love fashion design, but honestly I don’t like all the drama that comes with it. I prefer to admire it from afar and do my designs in crochet, in peace.

A little bit about my heritage. I live in Australia but I am from Moldova, Eastern Europe. The poorest country in Europe, situated between Ukraine and Romania. Not being born in Australia has some benefits, I know a few languages like my native language, Romanian, and Russian, which was the second language of my country until 1991. Also I know a bit of Turkish language and French as I had been out of my country with work as well since I was 19 years old. Knowing more languages is good for crocheting, I can read patterns in my language, in Russian and in English. There is no more joy that getting more from the world of crocheting.

I had some bad things happening to me since I got out of my country, there is no future anyway, so is better where I am. I love Australia and I feel like it’s my home now.

About my blog

I decided to make this page and blog in hope to inspire others with my work. An other thing I hope to do with my blog is to help others who crochet not to make some mistakes and give them some tips on certain things. I’m not going to start making a bag and tell you how to crochet that bag. I prefer to have on more about crochet and the different ways of doing it. More about stitches that can be used in creating beautiful crochet things. I might do something an explain how if only someone will require. In the same time I’ll try and hope to succeed to make it fun. Because crochet is fun too. πŸ™‚

So welcome to my page and my blog. I hope that you ll have fun and learn some things from me about crochet. πŸ™‚

Have a great day!