My latest crochet project

My new dress design, still in process but it does look nice already.

Its ripple stitch and shells at the bust area as I like to be a bit dense at the bust. Making it in ripple stitch because of the color, its a ball with different colors in and when you have that with the transition of the yarn from a color to the other there is no point of trying different stitches as will not be visible. Believe me as I tried it and it didnt work.

The yarn color change its designed mostly for shawls or blankets and its a bit hard touse it making a dress. My next dress will be in plain color as I am getting a bit bored with using limited stitches.


Last week I started to feel pain in my right arm from crocheting and like anybody else nowadays I researched online what could be the cause of that. I read a few articles from different blogs and that’s when I got to the conclusion that everyone is a “scientist or a doctor”. I know that everyone shares their knowledge but what if, just what if all that someone wrote doesn’t apply to my arm pain? To find out what was the cause of my arm pain I had to backtrack my actions. And I found out that my arm problem was because of my weak muscles in my arm. I was crocheting with finer yarn before and for the past few months I used mostly thick yarns. That s why was more tiring for my arm. Other than that if that’s not your problem may as well just go have a ckeck up at the doctor.

Have a good day everyone. 😊

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