Crochet blue summer dress

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One of my recent crochet dresses ❤

Crochet in my life

I can say more that crochet is my life. I often joke that if I could marry my crochet hook I would. I say that because crocheting is the only stability in my life. Crocheting helped me pass through some bad times.

I remember when I was a kid in school and knew to crochet already my teacher loved my work and had organized a few exhibitions with my crochet work. Also in 9th grade I had been Jury for a craft competition in school, which made me feel appreciated.

I had suffered with depression since I was a kid and I guess my mum thought that if I will be engaged in some activity that I will enjoy it will help me, and it did in some ways. But with all that they say that crochet helps depression I don’t think that has such magical powers. If you are deep in depression nothing can really help you. But never the less is an enjoyable activity. For me its an addiction, that is beneficial for you, same like other crafts – knitting and sewing.

At this point crochet is most of my life and I love it. I love making doilies and other home decors but recently got more involved in crocheting my own dress designs and using more colors and it is much more interesting. Having a fashion design background its always a bonus.

Have a great day everyone. 🙂

PS: I am not good in talking about myself, I prefer to talk through my crochet. I can just say I am a creative introvert that loves to crochet and writing in the blog its out of my comfort zone. But I got nobody else to write about my hobby and my crochet creations so I have to do it.

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