Crochet summer dress for a Barbie doll

Almost summer in Australia and I finished this dress just to remind me more about that.

Beautiful doll dress, on a big barbie doll 60 cm tall that a dear person from the crochet group meeting that I go to had given to me, and I am grateful for it.

No pattern as I love making my own designs. I did enjoy working on the little bits, the little bag and the summer hat. Didn’t want to make them same color as the dress as wanted to have them as an accent. And the little red rose on the bag its just catching your eyes.

Did take a long time to make the dress as its from thin cotton thread, DMC Petra nr. 5, that I usually use with it a 1.25 crochet hook. I can’t remember how I started it and how I finished it as was so focused on making it so much that I lost trace of time. I like when you get an idea and you start working on it quick and the end result is exactly like you imagined it to be. I couldn’t  wish for more for this dress.

I was always fascinated by the Victorian time dresses and the original Christian Dior. The long dresses with corsets that make a woman looking beautiful, sexy and interesting(sophisticated).

I love working with cotton thread, I love colors and I love to crochet in general. Crochet has been so far the only stable thing in my life. Its the only addiction that would be good for anyone.

Have a great day everyone 🙂

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