Where crochet meets fashion

Crochet it’s magic. You get a ball of yarn and you make with it anything you want. Just use your imaginaton.

This is one of the most beautiful yarns that I worked with. Its cotton/acrylic blend and has the best properties of both of this fibres. It’s not cheap but when it comes to quality of your work you’d definitely invest a bit to make it be quality. Love the yarn and what you can do with it.

This dress it’s just one of the things you could create with that yarn. Soft and beautiful colors in just one ball. I used 2 balls of yarn, they are quite big balls and lots of yarn in it.

The dress it’s my own pattern. Had the idea then I made it as I imagined it to be. I love designing dresses and just had to start crocheting them. There is nothing that makes me feel accomplished than making dresses and crochet some intricated pattern.

This is only one of the dresses that I crocheted recently, more to be posted.

Have a great day everyone. :*

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