My history with crochet

I learnt to crochet from my mum when I was a little girl. I didn’t like to crochet from start so she gave up in teaching me. Then, when she already stopped giving me lessons I started to crochet. I have done with her a lot of crochet toys, that I don’t make anymore, and crochet home decor that I still love to make.

When I was in high school my teacher loved my work, and she decided to organize an exhibition of my crochet work. It was a time that I will always have in my memories, a happy moment. I also felt appreciated and proud that I can actually do something that people like and that I do it well.

I remember a funny story when I was still in high school. We had craft lessons, and we had at some point lessons for crocheting. At that time I already knew how to crochet, and some girl from my class asked me to crochet the doily she were suppose to make for the assignment. I made it for her, but when she showed it to the teacher, she could see that it’s my work and not the other girl’s work.

The last thing that I remember from school was that I had been part of the jury for a craft competition, that was in the last years of school, 9th or 10th grade. I was on cloud nine then. I felt good to see that people think that I am doing a good job with crocheting and other crafts.

When I finished school I had a bit of a rough time. I didn’t have a job, and I decided to sell the doilies that I was making. I sold a few of my doilies through a shop that sells handmade stuff, in the center of Chisinau, the capital city of my country. Also in that time I joined Handycraftsmen’s Union of Moldova and participated in an exhibition with them. I’ve been given a Certificate of participation and a medal as recognition as one of the Union member. They also loved my work. It makes me sad thinking about that, as all this happened a few years just before I left my country.

After that I had a few horrible years, in which I could hardly crochet or do any crafts. I got so desperate at some point about that, that I even tried to crochet with a hair pin,lol. Not sure I succeeded but i remember trying silly things like that.

Then I met my husband, I came to live with him in Singapore, then Malaysia. And we stayed in Malaysia for 10 years, in which I had plenty of time to crochet and do any craft I wanted, and study anything I wanted. If anyone from Malaysia or Singapore is seeing this post I recommend you to go to AmcorpMall, Petaling Jaya, the shop it’s called Adeline, got a lot of crochet and knit stuff, like nice yarn and hooks, and beads for sale if you want, and more. It’s a small shop but it has a lot of surprises, and she is a really nice lady.

Now in Australia I m getting a lot of crochet done by the week. I’m in a few crochet groups on Facebook and going once a week to a Crochet and Knit meeting. With my friend Kerry I got to learn more about written patterns, and with her I got to know a few more other things that I needed.

Have a nice weekend. 🙂

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