Crochet tension

Crochet tension depends on a few factors: the yarn and hook that you using, and how you perform. I might not be able to teach you how to have a perfect tension, but I can point out what you have to be aware of.




Use the right yarn with the right hook or vice versa. I would say don’t use a much bigger hook with a thin yarn. What actually happens in this case is, that you can’t always keep it up, at some point in your work you ll make a tighter stitch and at some point looser stitch, you can’t control this combination. This is not bad just for tension, it is also bad in terms of how much your work will stretch. If your idea is to make something temporarily good then, go for it, but if you are thinking of making something that would last a long time, for many many years, you may as well use the right hook for the yarn.



2.The way you working with the yarn. You don’t let the yarn do what it pleases, somehow you control it. Controlling your yarn doesn’t mean you have to pressure crochet. Let your hand hold it so it doesn’t hold it in between your fingers like it’s stuck in there, or let it too loose.




The way you working with the hook. Don’t use the body of the hook, the part before the head of the hook, determine your tension. When you crochet a chain stitch and you are about to make the next stitch don’t keep the loop that you have on the hook on the body of the hook ,and stop from pulling the yarn and make the next stitch.





Once you have the yarn on the hook you have to pull  slightly, so by the time the loop that you got on the hook it reaches the head of the hook it will be as large as the head, and make sure you can pull the yarn easily through it. I think this is more important than any other things for having a better tension.

How you can get to have your tension right. I read somewhere that you’ll have to practice, practice, and practice. While it’s true that practice makes perfect at the end of the day it depends on what you practice on. There are a few things you can crochet that will get you to achieve a good tension or perfect it.

Crochet toys. In order to have a good crocheted toy you need a smaller hook so you’ll not have so many holes through it so the stuffing inside the toy not to be visible. Also you crochet it in a single stitch(double crochet), one of the most stable stitches in crochet. You can’t go wrong with it.

Crochet lace. Crochet lace has a lot of chain stitches that you have to be careful to make them even. It will help you concentrate. Will be a bit hard from the start, but nothing good comes easy.

Sadly it all begins at the start with your very first chain stitch. Like in life, the first few years of your life determines you, so with crochet, the very first years you started to crochet it will give you what you have for a long time. Only by learning how to crochet better, and try to change the way you know how to crochet, can get you to crochet like you want, perfect.

I was just lucky with my mum. She had a book in Russian language with toys to crochet and I had a time when I was just doing that. Also I made a lot of crochet lace later, always was and am careful about how my chain stitches look like.

If anyone else knows more about the crochet tension or know more about how to make it be perfect can just comment under my article. Thank you.

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