Crochet essentials


This article is about the tools and other things you need to crochet efficiently.

First of all you need crochet hooks. If you are a beginner you can just use a 3 dollar hook or even cheaper, its all up to you and what you can afford. You can have just simple crochet hooks, like the ones on top of the photo, and it will work as good as the ones with grip handles. I use any type of hooks, I got a simple tulip hook ,No 1.90, and is one of my favorite hooks so far.  Choose a hook that you’re comfortable to crochet with.



Next you need yarn or crochet thread. In crochet is preferable to use a bit thinner yarn than when you knit. The process of crocheting makes the work to be a bit bulkier. It might not be a problem, but you have to be careful in this case what crochet stitch and pattern you are using.  I don’t like my work to have a lot of big holes or holes in general, that’s why I like to crochet with finer yarn.

If you crochet something for yourself you have to be careful about the yarn composition. Cotton, and in general natural fibers are much better than synthetic fibers. I’ve got very sensitive skin so I have to exclude for my personal use acrylic yarn and other of this sort, I can only use polyester yarn for myself if I have to. There are some blends like cotton-acrylic that are still bearable. If someone tries to convince you that acrylic is best because is cheaper and have more variety of colors that’ s not true. It might be cheaper, but its like that saying “you get what you pay for”. And color, nowadays cotton has a lot of colors choices, same with wool.




Other things you’ll need are markers, which are used to mark stitches and start of the rows, mostly in round crochet. You don’t need to rush on Ebay or to the shop now  to buy the plastic markers, you can use safety pins and will work as good as the plastic markers. If the truth I hardly use the plastic markers. The ones on the left on the photo, the ceramic flowers markers, are from a crochet magazine I bought a while back. I wouldn’t bother to buy fancy markers to use. I watched a video on YouTube a few days back and surprisingly enough the person who was demonstrating something to crochet wasn’t even using any of these things to mark the start of the rows, she was using a small piece of yarn. She was introducing it in the work at the start of the row and was just changing it from a row to the other. I guess the selection of marking tools depends on how big is what you working on, how big is your crochet project.




One other thing you ll need to have with your crochet tools is embroidery scissors, a full size fabric cutting scissors will do too but is a bit hard to keep it together with your crochet hooks.




You might need these yarn needles from time to time if you don’t use your hook to wave in ends or for joining motifs together. It is not a must but it is good to have them, you never know when you ll need a needle.  Like it did happen to me. I was crocheting a baby blanket and I panicked that I got no needles to join the hexagons. Be prepared for things like that.  You can use yarn needles, or darning needles, sometimes normal sewing needles can help too, depending on what thickness yarn or thread you using.


The last thing I want to talk about in this article is Proper lighting. You need good light to crochet better. Best light is day light of course. Some people might laugh about this but it is important having the adequate light for various reasons:

A. Eye safety. If you crochet  with enough light you will not have problems with your eyes. You can have pain for a bit after a few hours of crocheting in a semi dark place. I m not kidding. I had this silly experience myself.

B. You will not have problems with colors. It happened to me, I was using white cotton for a doily and when I got to get an other ball of it to continue my work I got the wrong color, I got off white, which in some inside the house light can look same as white. It looked alright until I got my doily outside to crochet on. One of the horrible experiences I had in crocheting.

C. Your work quality will not be as good as you think it would, you’ll skip stitches and you’ll will make a fair amount of mistakes, and than you’ll have to frog (undo) a lot.

D. And last in the list is that with poor lighting you ll crochet slower than you usually do, and that’s not always the best thing. How much you might’ve crocheted with the reading light you could’ve done all that maybe in just an hour in proper conditions.

All in all, in order to crochet well you need the right hook for the right yarn, and proper lighting.  It’s not rocket science.

This is all from what I learnt in all my years of crocheting. None of this is scientific evidence and if anyone has other ideas or thinks that what I wrote is wrong can just comment under my article. Thank you.

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