Crochet talk

17191729_353576698376112_4296489408122276924_oCrochet is an old craft that was used for making lace in the 17th century in France and later in the 19th century was used more in Europe.   Crochet is a process of creating fabric by interlocking loops of yarn, thread, or strands of other materials using a crochet hook.  You can find more about crochet on Wikipedia.

For me crochet is magic, literally. You get a ball of yarn and a hook and you’l amaze yourself with what you can do with it and what it will become at the end. It is like a cocoon becoming a butterfly, that if you use it right.  One of the things about crochet that I like is that you make your own fabric, unlike sewing for which you have buy the material.

Most people say crochet is easy. Yes, it is easy if considering that you normally don’t need a big space to do it, and you only use a ball of yarn that doesn’t take much space and a hook. Also you can do it anywhere, inside the house, outside in the park or on the beach, in the car( I do it).  However, crochet is not suppose to be just easy, it suppose to be interesting and fun as well.  With all that it might look easy it is still taking a lot of time to crochet something worth to make, I m not talking about all the little things that only take a few hours to make them.

When I just started to crochet I was around 8-9 years old and believe me it was not easy for me, you need patience to do it and me being a kid I couldn’t spend hours just sitting on the chair and crochet. My mum gave up teaching me after she already showed me the basics of crocheting. But then all of a sudden I picked up the crochet and because I didn’t have any yarn I broke 2 doilies my parents got as a gift from the school they were teachers at ,and I was trying to make a doily from a book that my mum had. She was not impressed at start but I assured her that she will have from me better doilies than the one she has been given.


2 thoughts on “Crochet talk

  1. Sharon Okey

    Well done, Lydia, and congratulations on starting this blog. Good luck. I love the finishing statement there, about you beginning to learn to crochet, and not impressing your Mother! 🙂

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    1. lidiascrochetpassion

      Thank you Sharon, :). Somehow I impressed her by destroying the doilies, lol. One other time I impressed her with using the nice piece of fabric she had stored for a while in the wardrobe. I got it to sew a doll dress for a competition at school and she didn’t even know that I was participating in it. I knew how to surprise her, :D.


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